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General Medicine

General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infective & non infective illnesses in adult patients. Physicians are skilled in managing patients who are suffering from undifferentiated or multi-system diseases..


Internal medicine is the foundation on which all the medical super specialties are built. It is the first point of contact for any patient who seeks a specialist opinion as the internist has a holistic approach towards a patient, analyses various problems and then if required refers to the concerned super specialist whose highly specialized skills are used for the patients’ benefit.

The Department of Internal Medicine at Raj medicity is a thread which links with all the departments and specialties in the hospital. It is managed by an excellent and competent group of doctors including consultants, residents medical officers.

‘Prevention is better than cure’, an exclusive department of Preventive Health checks is also managed through various health checks designed to suit the needs of different age groups. There is emphasis on early detection and management of lifestyle related diseases like Metabolic syndrome, obesity, Dyslipidemias apart from chronic ailments like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and malignancies.

They specialize in maintaining long term adult wellness combining patient centered adult care of high quality, physician expertise and latest advances in medical technology.

General medical care to adult patients through

  • O.P.D
  • Speciality Clinic
  • I.P.D
  • Intensive Care Units

Supporting Diagnostic facilities

The objectives of this department are

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Prompt treatment
  • Patient awareness regarding preventive aspects of the diseases

The department works in close association with all other superspecialities to ensure that the needs of all types of patients are properly identified and met.