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Anaesthesiology is a full-service department that is available to respond to any surgical procedure, pain management, respiratory, cardiac arrest, and obstetric coverage. Our primary goal is to provide the highest degree of care with primary emphasis on the patient’s safety and satisfaction. Our anaesthetic techniques cover the entire range of procedures to improve outcomes. Our timely and efficient care is engineered in ways to focus on the individual needs of the patient.

Many departments in the hospital depend on the services provided by the Anaesthesiology Department for elective and emergency surgeries and procedures. These include general surgery, orthopaedics, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, and super specialties such as plastic surgery, paediatric surgery including neonatal surgery and neurosurgery. Several cutting edge procedures are routinely undertaken such as regional, general, anaesthesia for airway surgeries, total intravenous, hypotensive anaesthesia and nerve blocks, as well as combinations of these techniques. Some procedures that involve children and many of the procedures that involve airway require special care and skills and our well qualified and experienced team equipped with advanced difficult airway adjuncts is adept at handling them.


The critical care unit or intensive care unit (ICU) is a highly specialized & dedicated unit of the hospital for patients requiring intensive monitoring of medical, surgical & patient care services. The primary goal of critical care services is to provide right care at the right moment by a committed CCU & ER team.

Conditions that require critical care monitoring include:

  • Instability with hypertension/hypotension
  • Heart failure, cardiac arrest, and cardiac arrhythmias
  • Stroke and Paralysis
  • Airway or respiratory compromised patients who require ventilatory support
  • Acute renal failure
  • Cumulative effects of multiple organ failure
  • Major Trauma/Injuries: Head, Multiple fractures
  • Shock and Severe Bleeding
  • Sepsis & uncontrolled infections

At Raj Medicity Hospital, critical care is our backbone in the management of critical care patients. We have been recognized for our successful management of various cases that require specialized medical expertise, dedicated care, life support, and continuous monitoring. We have been successful in treating infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, pneumonia, respiratory failure, kidney failure, and multi-organ diseases.