The division helps in diagnosis of early infection by using automated blood culture system.
The Antibiotic Sensitivity pattern is run on Automated Sensitivity detector which helps in diagnosis of the rare bacterial infection and the most dreadful MRSA.
The mycobacteriology helps in diagnosis of TB producing organism and also runs Gamma Interferon Assay for TB which is done only in a few centers to detect Active Tuberculosis.
Stool analysis is performed to pick up Parasites and the most Critical Clostridium difficult infection which can be life threatening.


  • Automated Blood and sterile fluid culture system-Bacialert
  • Automated AST testing-Vitek
  • Automated ELISA-Evolis-Bio-Rad

The Automated Blood culture system is a boon to patients and physicians as they can avail positive culture reports within 12 hours of growth, if any.
The AST machine has capability of performing more than 60 biochemical tests to identify the organism. The machine has software with international guidelines from CLSI, USA who are Global Standard organization.
The division does the more complicated Interferon Testing for Tuberculosis and we have found that this test is more reliable to pickup active tuberculosis rather than Mantoux test.
The division performs tests for Dengue, Leptospira and Syphilis.


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