Division of Clinical Chemistry, Endocrinology and Serology
Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes, obesity and Osteoporosis is easily done as the laboratory run fully automated Chemistry and Immunoassay analyzers. The World renowned marker glycolated hemoglobin for the diagnosis and management of diabetes is done by HPLC-Bio-Rad Machine.
Thyroid disorders, sub-fertility, Osteoporosis are easily managed by biomarkers for these conditions. All the tests are everyday run (24X7). This helps in quick consult with the physicians and Surgeons.
The division runs a host of tumor markers, hepatitis markers, critical care markers like Procalcitonin, proBNP to help screen, diagnose and prognosticate the disease per se. Early markers of sepsis like Pro-calcitonin, Immature Granulocyte fraction are available to help decide on early blood culture and reduce utility of antibiotics.
The division performs measurement of proteins like c3, c4,ASO,CRP,Immunoglobulins, Free light chains, Beta 2 microglobulin which helps in diagnosis of various autoimmune disease, Myeloma and renal disorders.
The Division also helps in HIV, HBV and HCV detection.
There are more than five tumor markers and most of the hepatitis profile is done.
First in India to have Integrated Analyzer which can perform more than 200 tests with a throughput of 1500 tests/hr- VItros 5600
Automated Chemistry Analyzer- AU 5400 and AU 400
Automated Immunoassay Analyzer- Architect 2000iSR and Vidas
Electrophoresis- Helena systems
HPLC-D10 Bio-rad system for SPE and Hemoglobin
Roche ABG Machine
Siemens ISE
These machines are able to generate reports related to tests like liver function tests, renal function tests, Glucose, Tumor markers, hormones, etc.. The AU 5400, AU 400 and Vitros in addition are capable of estimating levels of Immunoglobulins, Proteins like c3, c4,Serum light chains etc.,
 Division of Histopathology, Cytology and Immunohistochemistry
The division helps in diagnosing diseases by studying the tissue biopsy.
Rapid Diagnosis-Frozen section facility helps in immediate diagnosis of the disease during surgery which helps in clinical management decision. Margin Clearance of Cancer are being facilitated by pathologists in consultation with Surgeons.
Cytology of Cervical smear (Pap Smear) and body fluids are done with help of conventional and Cytospin method. Cytospin helps in getting high yield of cells especially to diagnose brain fever with help of CSF.
Immunohistochemistry helps in detection of Hormone receptors on Breast cancer-ER and PR in addition the dept also performs HER2 receptor which is most important biomarker to decide prognosis of the tumor.
Automated Tissue processor
Automated Tissue Embedding station
Automated Stainer
Semi Automated Microtome
The division takes care to give the histopathology and cytology reports within 24 hours and in case of emergency within 3hrs.
This helps in Clinical management, especially Transplant patients. The Cryostat is a machine helpful for frozen sections (Intra-operative diagnosis). The diagnosis of any lesion is communicated within 20 minutes to the surgeon so as to plan the surgical management.
The cytology handles Gynecologic and non-Gynecologic Smears including exfoliative cytology. The division uses cytospin to concentrate the submitted fluid and correlates with the Automated Body fluid machine.
The bone Marrow smears and Bone marrow biopsy are also reported.
Immunohistochemistry for Breast cancers and for undifferentiated tumors are undertaken. Special histochemistry stains are available for detection of fungal infections, parasites, Amyloid etc.,

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