The Department of Neurology and Neurosciences offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with neurological disorders. Neurology deals with diseases related to brain, spinal cord, nerve roots, plexus, nerves, myoneural junction and muscles.


Outpatient Consultation

First a detailed medical history and a thorough clinical examination will be undertaken. Necessary investigations will be advised. Raj Medicity has an excellent Imaging Department adjacent to Neurology with all kinds of imaging modalities.


Electrophysiology Lab

The Neurology Department has a well equipped electrophysiology lab where tests are conducted by an experienced electrophysiology technician. The Neurophysiological Laboratory assessing spinal cord, peripheral nerves and the muscles has top-of-the-line electrophysiological equipment for diagnosis.


Additionally, the laboratory helps in assessing patients with disc disease involving the neck as well as the lower back. These assessments pinpoint the exact location of the disease. Evoked potential studies assess the visual, auditory and the sensory system to localize the disorders of the brain.


Once the electrophysiology investigations are conducted and accurate diagnosis obtained, proper treatment will start. The modalities of electrophysiological investigations done here are:

  • Nerve conduction study of all four limbs
  • Brachial plexus study
  • Carpal tunnel study
  • Facial nerve study
  • Blink reflex study
  • H-reflex study
  • Dermatomal SEP

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