The Department of Internal Medicine offers


Total Care
Initial assessment and management of all non surgical problems admitted to the hospital. Appropriate referrals to specialists are made when needed.


Critical care Internal Medicine
In conjunction with a well equipped critical care facility, sophisticated lab, blood bank and nuclear medicine unit, our Department is actively involved in the day to day management of internal medical problems in our Medical ICU. We cover a wide spectrum of medical emergencies with a focus on toxicology, complicated septicemias, hepatic disorders and  haematopathies.


Lifestyle Rehabilitation Clinics
Diseases that lead to accelerated atherogenesis are dealt with here. Patients are assessed for standard risk factors – Obesity, Addictions, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipedeminas and appropriate therapeutic and preventive measures are undertaken.


Arthrology and Immunology

Being a tertiary referral centre for Orthopaedic Care, we deal with a spectrum of complicated arthritic diseases. Patients undergo the latest therapeutic regimen like anti TNF therapy and biological agents, as a corollary to the surgical procedures.


The immunology lab performs work ups of auto immune disorders. The latest immunomodulatory regimens are utilized for life threatening diseases.



An area where India will have a large requirement due to its migrant younger populace. Raj Medicity is planning to set up an affordable dedicated Chronic Care facility with geriatric care in the near future.

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